Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kennedy is walking!

Kennedy has been walking for a little over a month now, and for those of you who haven't seen her for awhile, I thought I should post this video. She absolutely loves going to stores with me now, but it takes me twice as long to get things done because she has to explore, walking through the aisles and touching everything :-)!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Cheers!"....to a month of visitors!

I know, I know...it has been a long time since you have received a true update, but we have actually been very busy. We just finished hosting visitors for pretty much a month straight! We had such a wonderful time with everyone who came out; thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to come experience our new adventure!

Three of Paul's fraternity brothers came out to visit and, of course, go to the UW Madison vs. Ohio State game. Ohio State was the number one team in the nation at the time and UW beat them!!! The guys had an awesome time....all they came home saying was "it was an experience"!

Pre-gaming on the water

Walking to the game.

Arnie & Paul

Arnie, Dennis, Robby & Paul

The mad rush onto the field after they won!

My high school friend, Christine, was going to try and fly up from LA for Kennedy's 1st birthday party with her little boy, when her husband, Johnny, said "if you're going to get on a plane to go see them, why don't we just fly out to Wisconsin and spend some time with them". I love that these friends LOVE to travel and getting on a plane is nothing to them. It was so nice to see you guys!

The Cheeseheads!

Kennedy & John John when they were actually getting along :-).

These two loved to swap pacis...this one is Kennedy's and says "MY MOM ROCKS"; Kennedy loved to have John John's "CHICKS DIG ME" one as well - too funny!

Touring Spring Grove Dairy

Bookwork with Daddy

We went to check out "High Point Farms", where all our heifers are raised. The kids loved the animals; they weren't nervous around them at all!

They both wanted me at the same time...I don't know if I'm ready for two quite yet :-)!

Sunset at the heifer ranch

Downtown Madison

Christine let me borrow her Ergo. I had never used one before and Kennedy fell asleep in it right away...I definitely need one!

Family pic...soooo cute!

This is how they felt about eachother by the end of the trip; John John loved Kennedy, but not so much the other way around. Kennedy had a hard time sharing her toys; it was the first time another baby has been in her "area".

The Thompson's brought Kennedy this adorable t-shirt "Everyone loves a California girl" - love it, thank you!

BILL & SHARON - 10/28-11/2
Paul's parents came out to visit over Halloween weekend. Bill spent a lot of time on the dairy with Paul, and Sharon and I spent a lot of time hanging out with Kennedy, but also found a little time to repaint our bedroom. Thank you for a wonderful visit!

A little chilly in downtown Madison

The Headless Horseman giving rides for Halloween

We found fraternity row in Madison. Here are a couple pictures of the AXO house. Isn't it awseome?! Paul and I kept saying how fun it would have been to live in houses like this during college!

We also found the AGR house. It's right on the water!

Grandma & Grandpa

The Capital at night

We never made to an actual pumpkin patch, but we did have to go to Home Depot and they had all of these pumpkins out in front, so we decided to use it! I know, I know...it's so bad, next year we'll make to a real patch.

Trick-or-Treating - her first house!

We went with Clayton and Cole. Clayton was The Flip Flop Farmer (that is what they call Paul out here because guys don't wear flip flops :-) and Cole was a Construction Worker.

Our cute little monkey!

Wiped out after trick-or-treating in 40 degree weather! (I did check, and the temperature at home in CA was almost 70, not fair!)

JILLIAN & BOOMER - 11/11-11/14
My sister, Jillian, and her boyfriend, Boomer, came out to visit us and go to a Badger football game! We had an absolutely wonderful time with you guys...thanks for making the trip.

Kennedy & Boomer

Kennedy & Tante J

The four of us at the Badger game. Well, we didn't actually go in the stadium, but we did make it to the Stadium Bar right across the street! That is where we watched the game; it was a little chilly and wet that day.

Love how the Bloody Mary's come (with a little appetizer)!

The less clothing you can wear; the cooler you are!!! (literally :-)

Inside the bar

Wisconsin killed Indiana!

After game celebratory shots...half-price!

These were are two favorite characters of the day! Here is a video of them dancing and doing a very good job of entertaining us!

MY MOM & DAD - 11/14-11/17
I'm so bummed we don't have any pictures from their visit. Paul and my dad spent the whole time working on the dairy and my mom and I spent most of the time working on the house. Thank you Mom & Pop for all of your help!