Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will's 1st Birthday Party (in Tulare)

We had a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed 1st birthday party in California for Will on his actual birthday, June 24th. My parents let us throw the party at their house and we a wonderful time! Almost all of my family and girlfriends from both high school and college were able to make it! It was so much fun getting to see everyone and their expanding families, but it was also MORE than chaotic! We had 7 kids under the age of 1 and 14 more from the ages of 2-7. Fun, fun!! Thank you to everyone for being there to celebrate Will's big was awesome!!




Kennedy, Quincy and Kamryn

Trying to manage the chaos :)

Baby Jack

Baby Kate

The Anker kids - Case, Jack, Liv and Claire

"little kid" pool fun

High School friends - Brooke, Brittani, Julie and Grace

The crew...trying to get a picture with my girlfriends and our kids (a lot of the girls had already left, so bummed I didn't get everyone).

Tante Diane, Allison and Case

College friends - Michelle (w/Will and her daughter, Quincy), Mark, Robin, Dan, Andi and Jeffrey

Time for the cake! (Oma, what's this?)

I like everyone singing to me!

Not sure about this!

I'll give it a try?!


Poor Opa!...he got the stomach flu the morning of the party, so we had to get a picture with him the day after.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Will is 1-year old!!!

Our little man turned one-year old on June 24th!! I can't believe he's not a baby anymore and is now a toddler! He has developed so much since our last post...He now loves standing on his own and walking along furniture and has started walking on his own, taking about 7 or 8 steps at a time...there is such determination in his eyes, he wants to do it SO badly!! He doesn't talk much; he says mama, dada, uh-uh, un-huh and grunts a lot when he wants something :). We have tried to teach him the signs for "more" and "all done", hopefully he will learn those soon and grunt less! He is an okay eater, he really likes junk food and it is constant struggle to find healthy food he will eat. He has 12 teeth and drools more than I thought possible! He is long and lean, 32 inches long (99th percentile) and 21 pounds (41st percentile). He is ALL boy, loves to climb on everything and bang things together. He is not nearly the content baby Kennedy was, he has to be entertained constantly; if he is bored, watch out! What keeps him most entertained is taking walks around the dairy, playing outside in the water and climbing up and down the stairs - you can find Kennedy, Will and I doing one of those three things at any point in day, except when he is napping and he is a great sleeper! He is OBSESSED with his feet...putting his shoes on and stepping on everything. He LOVES trucks and tractors and anything loud and HATES animals...he is so scared of our dog and all the cows, but is starting to get a little more comfortable with them. I keep telling Paul, with a love for trucks and tractors and a fear of animals, he is bound to be a farmer :). It has been truly awesome watching him develop over his first year of life, he is so much fun and is constantly keeping us on our toes! They say boys are harder as babies and get easier as they grow up...I sure hope it's true :).

Monday, July 9, 2012

Too Cute!

The other night, Kennedy was hungry after dinner...this has been the norm lately, so I leave her dinner out until we go to bed and she can finish it if she wants to. After I sat her in her booster, I realized we hadn't heard from her in awhile; we looked over and this is what we saw...too cute!