Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey there!

So, I received this awesome tutu in the mail from my Grandma Sharon for Valentine's, and my mom got the brilliant idea to take me down to Sears and get my picture taken in it. I was all for it! You know, I hadn't had my picture taken in awhile and my mom promised it was going to be a quick trip. However, it took way longer than expected and as you will see from the pictures I started to get hungry, which made me lose my cool. I then got some cookies and a flower and I was ready for action again :-). Here are some of my favorites...I think I did pretty well, don't you?! I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!

Love, Kennedy

Friday, February 11, 2011

21 Weeks...

On Tuesday we had our 21 week ultrasound. This was the ultrasound where we could have found out whether we are expecting a little girl or boy! I am DYING to know, but Paul wants to be surprised like we were with Kennedy....guess who won?...Paul! We still don't know the sex; only 19 more weeks till we do :-). During the ultrasound we learned that the baby looks perfect and is measuring dead on for a June 21st arrival.

This week I also started to pop out a little :-), I even had a stranger ask me how far along I was, so I have included a couple belly shots.

The 4D shot...the baby kept rubbing it's eyes.

Kennedy gives hugs :-).....

Last weekend we went over to the Rieder's for dinner. Paul knows Dan through work and we thought it would be fun to meet his family. He and his wife, Angie, have a little boy, Kaiden, who is a year older than Kennedy and a little girl, Kailey, who is 10 days younger than Kennedy. It was a great evening and needless to say, the kids had a great time playing together and giving each other hugs! Here is a cute video from the night...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekend in SLO

Almost a month ago now, Kennedy and I flew out to California for a weekend in San Luis Obispo!! We actually flew into San Francisco, so Kennedy could spend the weekend with Paul's parents, Bill and Sharon...thank you so much for taking care of our little girl! Then Jackie, Lisa and I drove down to SLO for a great weekend of catching up with college girlfriends and celebrating the arrival of Sam & Lisa Valtenbergs' little one (boy or girl, we don't know and I can't wait to find out mid-March)! It was a perfect weekend with perfect weather...70 degrees all weekend; a wonderful break from the snow (I felt like I thawed out :-). I can't wait till the next get-together!

All the girls on Avila Pier

Tracy and Jackie enjoying Bloody Marys at the Custom House

Good Ole' Firestone!!!

Lisa showing off all of her wonderful gifts...doesn't she look great for 31 weeks?!!

My parent's neighborhood in Shell Beach...this is where we stayed for the weekend. I love this place!