Monday, June 18, 2012

Merv & Mary's Visit

Paul's grandparents, Merv and Mary, came out to visit June 6th through the 12th. We had a great time showing them around and they thoroughly enjoyed seeing a part of the country they had never seen before. We showed them around the dairy and Brodhead, took a 3 hour drive up to northern Wisconsin to stay with Monte and Beth and then toured the heifer ranch. In the middle of their trip Paul and I came down with the stomach flu, BAD!!, and they were beyond amazing taking care of the kids...I'm not sure what we would have done if they hadn't been here?! Thank you for a great visit!

 A few pictures of the dairy...
 The new silage pad extension

 In one of the milk trucks...notice the name, the Zimmermans haul our milk!

 Kennedy loved feeding the goldfish at Monte and Beth's

While visiting Monte and Beth, we crossed over the Mississippi River and checked out the little town of Lansing, Iowa

 The heifer ranch

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend on the Central Coast

The first weekend of June, we flew out to California for Rawley and Ingrid's wedding on the Central Coast. We flew into Fresno to drop the kids off with my parents (thank you Mom and Pop!!) and drove over to the coast. We decided it would be a great idea to go out in SLO on Friday night (try and re-live our college days, you know?!), so we rounded up the Bordessas, my cousin William, my sister Caitlin, her boyfriend Brent and friends Madison and Michelle. We had a great time and let's just say, we aren't 21 anymore...I was HURT-ing the next day and the worst part was, I knew I had to do it all over again that night! Thanks for showing us a good time you college kids!!

 The new Bull' doesn't look the same, but it sure smells the same :).


 Paul, Brent and William

Rawley and Ingrid, thank you so much for giving us a reason to visit the Central Coast! We had a wonderful time celebrating with you; it was a perfect day!
 Love this couple!!

 Rawley, Ingrid and Joe

Me and Jackie

Okay, trying to get this family picture was like herding cats :) was the best I could do!

Will, Kennedy and Kamryn had a great time playing in the tent Oma bought for them!

Will Graduates From His DOC Band..

On May 25th, Will graduated from his DOC band...he's done, yay!! We were so happy to be finished with it; although it was a wonderful experience...I am definitely ready to get some better cuddle time with my little man and not have to smell his stinky little head :-).

For all of those moms out there who have come to this blog questioning whether or not you should put your child in a DOC band, do it!!! I was so, so, so anxious about putting Will in his. I knew it would definitely help change his head shape, but I wondered how having something like that on his head for 23 hours a day couldn't affect his brain development. I mean, I worried so much I lost sleep over this. I read numerous mom's blogs about their experiences and everything was beyond positive about it!! I also talked to Will's doctor about it and she reassured me their would be no negative effects from the band. I decided to proceed with putting it on and if I ever felt uncomfortable about it, we would end it. Well, once I saw the helmet on him and how loose it was, I immediately felt relieved; I now knew there was no way it could affect him in a negative way. The whole process was wonderful...we drove to Madison every week or every other week and they would shave out more and more of the foam liner as his head grew. He had great improvement over the 10 weeks he had it on and we couldn't be more happy with his little round head :-).

Will and his Physical Therapist, Cathy

with his proud sister!

Friday, June 15, 2012

April (the end of) & May

This picture says it all...the end of April and May (and beginning of June) were busy!! At the end of April we flew out to California (above is a picture from the plane ride out) for Trisha and Mike's baby shower, Joel and Shasta Burns' wedding, Mason's 1st birthday party and Caitlin's 21st birthday in Vegas....we had an absolute blast and CRASHED when we got home!

 The Minnie Mouse theme was too cute!
I can't believe the only picture I have of the mother-to-be is right here, but trust me, she looks adorable pregnant!!

 Allison, Me and Shasta

Again, I can't believe this is the only picture I have from the wedding, but we had SO much fun, I forgot about my camera!!

 Mason, Kennedy and Will

 Sharon trying to get a picture with her grandchildren...a very difficult task!

Mason, you're not eating it fast enough!

Here, I'll help you :)!!

we spent time hanging out in Tulare, catching up with family and friends and thinking we might get some rest too, but you know how that goes....
 Kennedy, Will and Kamryn had a great time playing together!
 Baby Kamryn (as Kennedy calls her :)

 The hot birthday girl!! I remember YEARS ago saying, do you realize I will be 33 on your 21st birthday and it seemed so far away?!!


 The family!!

 Me, Connie, Case, Landon and Brent
Connie happened to see we were in Vegas on my sister's FB and we were able to meet up, such an awesome unexpected surprise!!!

While we were in Vegas, my parent's watch the kids. Kennedy and Will love spending time with their grandparents and I think you can see why...they are spoiled!! My mom and dad spent lots of time pulling them in the wagon, playing with them and taking them to the "park" (my parents playground)!
I told Kennedy she had to take care of Will while we were gone...I would say she's doing a good job, wouldn't you? :-)

 The Locke's came over for lunch with the kids. So nice!