Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too funny!

I almost forgot to post this video! While we were shopping at Costco for the birthday party...Kennedy must of been hungry because she couldn't resist leaning over and eating the peaches while they were still in the box :-).

Kennedy's 1st Birthday Party

It worked out just perfectly for us to have Kennedy's 1st birthday party in California! We were headed out there for a wedding just days after her actual birthday, and decided it would be much easier for us to travel to our family and friends than the other way around :-). Paul's parents were nice enough to open their home and let us throw a party there. The day was absolutely beautiful, probably one of the warmest days of the year in Marshall and everyone had a wonderful time!

The invitations....the inspiration for our Dr. Seuss themed party.

Bill & Sharon built this party room about 8 years ago and it has come in handy quite a few times!

The birthday girl enjoying her new walker.

Hmm...what is that??

Oh yeah, I like it!

Ome Case trying to teach me how to take bigger bites.

Yeah! I don't understand...just feed it to me!

Mom & Dad

Oma & Opa

Grandpa & Grandma

Ome Case & TT (Tia & Tante)

Auntie Jenny & Uncle Markie

Tante Jillian & Boomer

Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us!!!

Looking Back One Year

2 Days Old

4 Days Old

9 Days Old

While uploading Kennedy's birthday party pictures, I came across her newborn pictures..and wow, I can't believe it's already been a year. We have a one-year old!!! It's crazy how fast time feels like just yesterday we brought home an infant who we could lay on the couch and knew wouldn't move, who couldn't really communicate with us, and who slept 20 hours a day! That certainly isn't the case anymore :-). Kennedy has grown so much this year, and has made our lives so much fuller. We absolutely love watching her learn and grow each and every day. Happy birthday Kennedy!

Our Trip to California

It has been almost a month since our last post and we have much to blog about!! Kennedy and I headed out to California September 15th for an almost 2 week stay...while we were there we......

Watched Tante Caitlin show at her very last fair :-(. She did very well...3rd in Showmanship and Reserve Grand Champion!

Fell in love with goats!

Went to the park to play and visit with Avery and Lauren (my friend Julie's adorable daughters!).

Went to my friend Brooke's house to play and visit with Claire and Livi..they had so many fun toys to play to with!

Spent Kennedy's actual 1st birthday at Vejar's and she got her first rice and beans...yummy! (We also had her party out there too, stay tuned for pictures).

Went to meet my friend Michelle's new baby girl, Quincy Pearl! We couldn't get a clear picture of the both of them :-).

Went shopping in downtown LA for furniture fabric.
Found this for the formal dining room chairs, and some burlap for the informal dining room chairs.

Paul came and met us about a week later and we went to Gino and Erica's wedding in Rohnert Park!

We had such a great time in California being surrounded by family and friends; it was very, very tough to leave (I am actually tearing up right now as I type this). Thank you all for a wonderful visit...we miss you so much, see you at Christmas time!