Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas in Tulare

We headed down to Tulare on the morning of December 24th and stayed until December 29th. We had a wonderful time catching up with all of our family and friends and were very sad to leave...

The family in front of one of my mom's many Christmas trees on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Morning! Kennedy was more interested in opening gifts than I thought she would be...she would open the gift and then hold it to her face and smile with satisfaction :-).

Her adorable beanie and mittens from Tante J.

Her soccer ball from Oma...she loved kicking it!

Kennedy & Ome Case

The kids in our matching Christmas jammies...a family tradition :-). Hilarious!

Cousin Jacquelyn, Tante J, Cousin Dionne and Kennedy

Kennedy & Tante Caitlin

Santa came....
and brought a doll for Kennedy...she was VERY scared of him!
He even brought a chocolate "H" (a Dutch tradition) for me....
and a chocolate "P" for Paul too!!!

Kennedy's First Haircut

Kennedy's aunt and godmother, Trisha, who is also a hairstylist, gave her her first haircut (I say haircut, but it was a few uneven hairs in the back :-) when we were visiting home at Christmas time. It was very sweet.

Christmas in Marshall

We were in Northern California from December 19th through the 24th. We did Christmas with the Zimmerman side on December 23rd. I am so grateful that we could all be together for at least one night to celebrate! It was perfect....

Bill & Sharon's Christmas Tree

Paul is SO excited about his shirt!

Kennedy loves her Great-Grandmother Mary's glasses.

Mark enjoyed opening all of the gifts for their little boy (coming in April).

North Face Fleece (just what I need for WI)!

Stacey showing us one of Trisha's great wrapping decorations.

Bill's Harley Davidson it!

Kennedy absolutely loved her Polaris from Uncle Markie and Auntie Jenny...getting it back to WI, that's another story :-).


Jenny looking too cute in her new beanie.

Sharon, loving her new Mickey PJ's!

These clowns had a great time and always kept their wine glasses full!!!

Lots of catching up to do...


She wanted all of these bibs on at once, and kept them on for a LONG time.

When she eats cereal, she loves to put her hands full of milk through her hair :-).


It was absolutely beautiful!

We went to experience a game for ourselves and had a great time! I literally had on Uggs, 2 pairs of socks, long underwear, jeans, a thermal, a fleece, a sweatshirt, a jacket, a neck warmer, mittens, gloves and a beanie, but I was warm :-). The only bummer was we got there after the tailgating; next time we definitely need to get there early! It is tailgating like I've never seen before...

Terri & Nick

Paul's sister, Trisha, and her fiance, Mike Mello came out for a visit.

Me & Paul

Mike, Trisha & Kennedy at the house.

My cousin, Danielle, her husband, Caleb, and little boy, Cash, came to visit. They were in the Dells for a Convention and came spend a night with us afterwards. It was so nice to have them...we wish they could have stayed longer; Kennedy loved meeting and playing with her cousin!

Our Christmas Surprise...

Our parents received these ornaments as Christmas gifts this is how we told them we are expecting!! That's right...I am 17 weeks pregnant and due June 21st! We are very excited and can't wait for the arrival of our second child.

Other exciting news that came around the holidays....on November 30th Paul's sister, Trisha, and Mike Mello got engaged and are planning an October 8th wedding. My brother, Case, and his wife, Allison, are expecting their first child on August 6th. My sister, Jillian, got engaged to Boomer Murray on December 30th and are planning a Fall wedding. Also, Paul's sister, Jenny, and her husband, Mark, are expecting on April 29th.

We have so much to celebrate...2011 is going to be one heck of a year!!!