Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Green Co. Fair

On Saturday, July 23rd we celebrated Paul's 35th birthday by going to the Green Co. Fair in Monroe, which is the town right next to us. It is a small fair, but it was perfect for Kennedy. She absolutely loved it there...we had to drag her out!

Checking out all the animals....she knew what they all were and what sound they made, too cute!

Had to get a picture of Will. He was wonderful...he slept the entire time.

Gotta love the pony rides!

We had to pull her off the Merry-Go-Round kicking and screaming :-).

Petting Clayton's sheep

You definitely wouldn't see a sign like this in CA, would you? (look at the sign above the lamb diagram :-)

My Opa & Oma, Tante Diane and Cousin William Meet Will

My Opa and Oma, Tante Diane and cousin William planned a trip to the midwest this summer to visit my uncle who lives in Illinois and us. They choose a great time...they were able to meet William when he was just 4 weeks old. We had a wonderful time visiting with the family and showing them where we live.

Oma had the magic touch!

He loves his swaddle :-)

Tante Diane & Will

The gang...Paul, Kennedy, me, Will, William, Tante Diane, Opa and Oma enjoying lunch at the Java House in Brodhead. The actually have great food!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July

IT IS OUR SECOND 4TH OF JULY IN WISCONSIN...can you believe it?!?!? Time flies! This year we went to the Brodhead Parade and then to Monroe for the fireworks. Here are a few pictures from the day...

Tante J flew out the Saturday before the 4th to meet Will and to help us was so nice, it was like having one of our moms here :-).

This is where Kennedy goes to daycare...their float was too cute!

Kennedy learned that they throw candy out at parades!!
Come on Tante...I want more!
Yummy...this is awesome!

Will was really into the candy as well :-).

Their matching much fun!

Trying to get a family shot!
The best we could do!

Oma Meets William

Unfortunately, my mom had to fly home the day before I was induced to help out with a wedding, but she then came back out the Tuesday after to meet her grandson. Paul, Kennedy, Will and I drove to the airport to drop Sharon off and at the same time we picked up my about great timing! It was awesome having our moms here...they really spoiled us (laundry, dishes, diapers, cleaning, cooking, etc., etc., etc.)....we miss you!!

Here is a picture of my mom and her first grandson!