Monday, August 30, 2010

Kennedy loves living on the dairy!

Last night we walked out to visit Paul at the end of the day...while walking through the barns he thought Kennedy would love to be in the sprinklers. To my complete surprise, she really did! I happened to catch the end of it on video (love the iphone) is some footage for those of you who are really missing her!

We get visitors!

Two weeks ago we got our first visitors (besides my mom, dad and sister Caitlin, that is!) Aunt Toni, my mom's sister, and her son, Anthony came through WI! They were on an adventure bringing my cousin Anthony's car from Vermont back home to Idaho, and decided to make a stop in Wisconsin on their way. We are so happy they did, it was great to see familiar faces and show them around our new town. While they were here we also did some sightseeing with them and visited New Glarus, a Swiss town about thirty miles northwest of Brodhead. Here are a few pictures from the day....

I had Landjaegers for the first time; they look disgusting, but they are sooo good!

Aunt Toni and Anthony enjoying a few treats.

Kennedy enjoying her cold bottle of water.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sao Jorge, the Azores!

We arrived on Sao Jorge Wednesday, July 28th around the same time as our college friends and about 100 other people flying from the US to the Azores for the wedding! It was amazing to see how many people came to celebrate with Connie and Javi...they should feel very lucky and blessed. The moment we stepped off the plane we were greeted by the happy couple and had the rest of the week pretty much planned for us, a great way to experience the island. We had an absolutely wonderful time; a HUGE thank you to Connie and Javi for the trip of a lifetime! Let's do it again next year :-).

View from our hotel room.

Our hotel.....

Hydrangeas grow wild awesome!

We had to stop at all the dairies!

Thursday night - Sopas night...yum, just like home! (CA, not WI :-)

Kimberly, Connie and me at the Rehearsal Dinner.

Celisa & her boyfriend...I miss him!

Me, Paul, Kimberly & Curtis hanging out at the hotel.

The church they got married in.

The beautiful couple!

The gang at the wedding.

View from the reception site.

A few pics from the reception....

The SLO crew!

Staying safe at the Bullfights.

Definitely not like the Bullfights at home!

Taking the bulls home.

The sunsets were beautiful!

Joesph! This guy worked for the hotel and did absolutely anything and everything for us. Thank you Joseph!

Terceira, we stayed here the night before our flight home.
I wished we could have had more time here.

Sagres and Portguese beans - a complete meal!

Everyone HAS to have a Portugese rooster!

Lisbon, Portugal

It has been a long time since our last post, so sorry! The reason is partly because we were gone on our vacation to Portugal and partly because I have been too lazy to upload the pictures :-).

So, just Paul and I (Kennedy stayed with my parents for the first 5 nights and Paul's parents for the last 5 nights) headed to Lisbon on Saturday, July 24. The reason for our trip - Connie Borba, a good friend of mine from college, and Javi Cabrera's wedding! They were getting married in the Azores on July 31st, so we decided to leave a few days early to experience Lisbon and are so glad we did. This city is awesome; it's beautiful, historical and full of life. Here are some pictures from our 3 days there.

A lot of the houses have tile on them - I love it!

View of the city from the Castle of Sao Jorge.

I got a Shiatsu massage at the nice!

The outdoor restaurants; just a step outside our Bed & Breakfast.

View from our room Zuza Bed & Breakfast.

Estoril, a beach town about 30 minutes outside of Lisbon.

Cascais, another beach town just outside of Lisbon. It was very nice, but the water was freezing!

Curt Jorritsma joined us in Lisbon; taking one of many beer vacation!

Trying to figure out the "hop-on/hop-off" tour schedule. It took us SOOO long to catch up with a bus.

The three of us after a romantic dinner across the water from Lisbon :-). The restaurant had a beautiful view of the city.