Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas '11

So, I know I am WAY behind AGAIN, but our Internet connection has been extremely slow and I just didn't want to deal with uploading these literally takes all day long when our connection is bad, but today I made the decision to sit down and get it done!

With that being said, here are just a few very late pictures from Christmas. This year we flew into CA on December 23rd, spent Christmas Eve with Paul's family, Christmas Day and a few days in Tulare with my family, then back up north for a few days, a New Year's Eve wedding and back home to Wisconsin. We had fabulous time as always; Christmas was especially fun with Kennedy this year as she is really got into it!

Christmas morning...

Every year my dad dresses up as Santa and brings gifts for all of the little kids and chocolate letters for adult kids....Kennedy wasn't too fond of him....
but she did like the Dora sleeping bag she got!

Will liked him!

and so did Paul! Everyone always loves seeing Paul sit on Santa's lap, they give him such a hard time :-).

Santa & Mrs. Claus

While we were home, we were able spend an evening with the Carvajal's...we always love catching up with them!

Kennedy used to like to push Daisy, Jenny and Mark's dog, around in this cart, but now Mason can sit in it...even better! Poor Mason!