Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fair Season...

Last year Kennedy had a great time at the County Fairs, but this time she REALLY got into it!! She loved the animals, all the people, the games, the food and the rides! This year we got her a wristband at each fair and she got more than her money out of them :). She rode every ride she could at least 5 times and really wanted to go on the big kid rides...this girl has NO fear, it's crazy! Poor Will-Will wasn't big enough to go on the rides (the didn't even have a merry-go-round!), but he sure wanted to! I felt so bad for him having to watch Kennedy have all the year will be different buddy!!

He wanted in SO badly :)

Random Pics...

Here are some random pics from our June trip to California. I thought there were too cute not to include!!

 Having a summer dinner outside with my Opa Neil (my Opa)

 Playing at the park! Kennedy KEEPS asking to go back there!

With all of her loot from shopping in downtown LA :)

Tante Jillian and Boom-Boom watched Kennedy and Will while we went to a wedding and taught her how to play doctor. She loved being the patient!

Will's 1st Birthday Party (up north)

The weekend after Will's 1st birthday in Tulare, we had a birthday party for him up north. Jenny and Mark we beyond gracious, opening their home up to us for his party! We transferred the decorations up north, bought the same food and had a new group of people to celebrate with. I always feel so loved when we are in California and our friends and family go out of their way to see is such a great feeling to know how much people really care about you! Thank you so much to everyone who made was so nice to have you celebrate with us!!!

Kennedy, Will, Paul and Danika

Robby, Lisa, Sam, Jackie, Jarrid and Gianna

Arnie, Jenny and Jeannine

Boomer, my mom and Jillian

Davis, Trisha, Stacey, Grandma Mary, Trevor, Grandpa Merv, Bill and Sharon

The birthday boy, loving round 2 of dirt cake!!!

Love this picture of Kennedy - no swimsuit and those googles, hilarious!

The birthday boy!

Sam and Lilia

It turned into quite a fun swim party for everyone, especially the adults!

Mason and Mark


I know, it's...been...FOREVER!!!  If you have a blog, you know if you get behind, it's so very easy to keep putting it off!  I had put it off so much, 3.75 months to be exact, that I was wondering if I even wanted to keep doing it. I thought about it and realized this is the only thing I have documenting these years in our lives, no scrapbook or anything like that, so I should probably keep on with it. Then the question was, start from now and skip that last 3.75 months or back track and include all of it. I decided to start where I left off, so without further ado :)....